When my beloved Weimaraner dog ‘Kiri’ passed away unexpectedly, I didn’t cope well at all. Few people understood my grieving for a pet or my need to ‘remember’ her every day.

When loved ones are laid to rest in different ways and in different places across the globe, it is not always possible to visit them.

I decided to set up kiriangel.com as a memorial portal for all passed love ones (human and animals). This way I had a single special place to go, where I knew they would always be remembered respectfully.

I also wanted to make sure I regularly set aside time to remember and show my love. So I created a Remembrance Wall and include a dedication to the entries on it, in my monthly Candlelight Memorials. These include a blessing, a prayer and a poem/prose of my own, which I record and post on the site. (I will do this for as long as I have the ability to be able to do this).

The Candlelight Memorials are open to all. My aim is to remember love eternal and peace. So that I could undertake these I was ordained as a Minister of Peace by the Universal Life Church Monastery, which is open to all faiths and spiritual paths.

You are welcome to visit this site and I hope it brings some inspiration, peace and love to your life.


Kiri at Bamburgh Castle, UK
Kiri at Bamburgh Castle, UK