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When names are added to the wall they are included in all future Candlelight Memorials. You can add names & dates of up to 30 characters (includes all keystrokes i.e. spaces, hyphens etc).

Names can be added for free on the Remembrance Wall, but any contribution you would like to make to help with running the site or to my chosen charity ‘Oldies Club’ will be greatly appreciated. Oldies Club helps older dogs find forever homes.

Weimaraners are always added for free, as it was losing my Weimaraner ‘Kiri’ that inspired me to create the website.

Add a Name or Weimaraner for FREE – click on the ‘Contact Us’ Tab on the website and send us an e-mail with the title ‘FREE’ detailing the name and dates you want to add, and pedigree name for dogs (if known). (i.e. name – dates. Or name & pedigree name – dates).

Click ‘Here’ to Donate to  ‘Oldies Club’ 

Add a Name & Give £1 towards Site Admin *– enter the Name you want to add into the box below and then click the ‘Buy Now’ buttonIf you want to add more than 1 name (or need a long name adding), please click on ‘Contact Us’ Tab on the website and send us an e-mail detailing the names you want to add and the £amount you want to make as a contribution to Site Admin – we will then send you a request for payment for the total amount via PayPal.

Enter Name to Appear on Wall


Please Note:
  • * Payments are non refundable and subject to the deduction of PayPal Admin Fees.
  • Names on the wall can be viewed by anyone visiting the site and they may be referred to during Candlelight Memorials. By adding an entry of a name on the wall, you are agreeing to allow this information to be viewed by others and used in Candlelight Memorials. If you do not want your entry to be seen or used in a Candlelight Memorial, please do not proceed to purchase. If you want a name removing from the Remembrance Wall after purchase, the purchase / donation is non-refundable. Names can be removed by e-mailing us using the Contact Form under the ‘Contact Us’ Tab