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Kiri's Paw Prints

Kiri’s Paw Prints

Please Note – If you want to create prints in concrete you must cover the concrete with a layer of cling-film before placing in paws or hands/feet on top (to protect you). This will allow the form of the object to leave a clear imprint but prevents the concrete coming into contact with skin and fur. Concrete will burn the skin of humans and animals. If you do get any on you or the subject. Wash it off immediately with cold water.


This is the only footage I have of Kiri my Weimaraner before she passed away. Please play this on mute as I am singing badly!

I have not edited it in any way. Look for the big pink heart that appears behind her head. It is amazing. I could not believe it when I played the footage back. It was a birthday message for a friend which I recorded on my ipad following an operation on my hand.


Some of my favourite pictures of Kiri:

Image(554) Image(645) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA KIRI ON BED OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1010022 Copy of stuff 121 2011-03-18 11.52.16 2011-03-19 10.59.34 2011-06-28 09.09.52 2011-04-22 12.44.39