Blessing & Prayer

This is the Blessing & Prayer used in every Candlelight Memorial; you are welcome to join in.

N.B. The Poems & Prose used vary each month and these can be found on the Poems & Prose  Page.



Creator of life. Bless those on the remembrance wall.

Let their memories rejoice in the skies, glisten in the rain & snow and shine in the sun and stars.

Let them know that we remember them and thank them for the time we shared. Love eternal and peace.





Creator of the earth, as the rain falls to the ground, let love grow and blossom, like a flower.

Creator of light, as the sun rises, let love rise within our hearts.

Creator of the winds, let the spirit of love pass to us in the breeze.

Creator of water, let love calm us and help us to find inner peace.

Creator of fire, let eternal love burn in our hearts and give us the courage to walk the road ahead and the strength to ask for help if we fall.

We ask that those we have loved and lost are guided and at peace. And that they know we will always remember them in our prayers.




Blessing & Prayer Written by Sharon Z.L.J. Tooth on 30.9.2014

Copyright©2014 Sharon Z.L.J. Tooth. All Rights Reserved.